While the majority of people will be off from work for Christmas, that isn’t the case for everyone. In fact, numerous stores will be open for all your shopping needs on December 25.

Afraid that you might find yourself cooped up with your family on Christmas? Not to worry, because the following stores will gladly take your business.


No surprise here, but 7-Eleven won’t be closing on the holiday, so you can rush out and get all the Slurpees and lotto tickets you want. They also have plenty of gifts in case you happened to forget to get your neighbor something.

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For all of those that need their caffeine shot, Starbucks will be open and taking your orders. However, store hours will vary depending on location. So it’s best to check into your local spot before making the trek.

Dollar Tree/Family Tree

Any last minute holiday cards can be purchased here, as they will be up and running. Again, it’s always best to check in advance as some stores will have holiday hours in effect.

Walgreens/CVS/Rite-Aid/Duane Reade

While most Rite Aid locations will be open for the holiday, hours can vary depending on your holidays. However, any medications that you need to pick up you will be able to do at Walgreens and Duane Reade. So no worries there!

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The following stores will also be open for Christmas:

Circle K/Couche-Tard
Cumberland Farms

For all of you hoping to get some shopping in on Christmas at your favorite big-time stores, it should be known that Walmart, Target and even Home Depot will be closed. While you will only have a few spots opened on the special holiday, at least you will be able to see your loved ones open their gifts — even if you don’t go all out. In fact, even star Marie Osmond doesn’t go overboard in order to save the spirit of Christmas.

“I love being a grandma. You get all the love because you get to do all the spoiling,” the entertainer, 60, said in an issue of Closer Weekly. “I absolutely spoil them, although I don’t get into too many gifts because I don’t want to ruin the message of Christmas. But you know, Grandma’s always fun.”

Enjoy the holidays!