A month after receiving an honorary Oscar, legendary comedian Steve Martin is in hot water for a racist tweet he sent out to his Twitter followers on Dec. 20.

After someone asked Martin, “Is this how you spell lasonia?” the “Father of the Bride” actor responded, “It depends. Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant?”

After sending it, Martin quickly deleted the tweet, but not before it made its way around the social networking site, creating a media firestorm.

Angry fans responded to the actor’s joke, saying things like “Very disappointing” and “In retrospect, bad joke,” to which Martin replied, “Yeah, I learned that.”

And while Martin did acknowledge that his tweet was “highly inappropriate,” he reminded followers that he had apologized after receiving tweets accusing him of ignoring his behavior.

“A second later I realized what an offensive thing I’d done,” the 68-year-old responded. “Deep bow.”

The Martin incident came on the same day another racist tweet went viral, after PR executive Justine Sacco wrote a highly-offensive joke just before getting on a plane to South Africa.

justine sacco

Not only was Sacco sacked from her job at media company IAC, but her 12-hour-flight prevented her from deleting the offensive post, which allowed Twitter to work itself up into a frenzy while waiting for her to land.

Another celebrity who became Enemy #1 on social media in 2013? Anthony Weiner, who once again got caught up in a sexting scandal. The NYC mayoral candidate saw his favorability severely drop after pictures and sexts sent under the alias, “Carlos Danger,” were discovered to have come from him.

The revelation came only 2 years after Weiner was forced to resign his seat in Congress after he accidentally sent an explicit picture to his Twitter followers.

But if anyone learned their lesson this year when it comes to inappropriate remarks, it had to be Paula Deen, who lost most of her cooking empire, including deals with the Food Network, Walmart, & Target, after admitting to using a racial slur.

The chef was publicly shunned by many and has yet to recover a favorable public image after tearfully apologizing for her language in several interviews.

If these 2013 celebrity mistakes don’t make people think before they act next year, we don’t know what will!