Things are heating up in Seattle! The brand-new Station 19 trailer premiered on Feb. 1, during Grey's Anatomy's commercial break. And we were happy to have a pause from Miranda Bailey's totally stressful (but totally!) important storyline to get a preview of our new favorite show. We already knew by looking at the Station 19 cast that the show would full of sexy firefighters — but judging from the trailer, it's going to have some pretty dramatic storylines too!

And judging by reactions on Twitter, we weren't the only ones who enjoyed the trailer. "Did you catch this trailer for the @GreysABC spinoff?? It stars our very own @JasonWGeorge at his fiercest and the FANTASTIC @JainaLeeOrtiz! Welcome to the fam, @Station19!! I am so excited for this show!!" Grey's star Kelly McCreary tweeted in support of her co-star and Station 19 star, Jason George.

A fan added, "Looks amazing. Told myself that I wasn’t going to watch it because Shonda [Rhimes] is a life-wrecking a–hole, but I probs will." LOL — we hope there won't be as many deaths as there are on Grey's, but who are we kidding? This is Shondaland!

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Looking good, #Station19! 🔥

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"The show is different from Grey’s because our hero characters aren’t just saving lives, they’re also putting their own lives at risk in the process," showrunner Stacy McKee told Entertianment Weekly. "The very nature of their jobs will put these characters out into the streets, on location, immersed in their patients’ lives in a way that’s a lot more visceral and a little bit more messy. It isn’t the perfectly draped body in an OR. They’re responding to a patient on-sight, the scene of an accident, their homes, it’s just a different energy. There’s no safety net there. Gosh, it’s so similar, too. As much as we’re out and enjoying all of the action, there’s just so much heart and humor, and sexy time — all of that, plus this great shot of adrenaline." Is it March 22 yet?!