After having an extremely emotional year during 2011 and gaining a significant amount of weight, former Sopranos actress, Lorraine Bracco decided she had to make some changes in her life.

Both of her parents suffered from illnesses simultaneously and passed away shortly after one another, and eventually, the emotional stress started to take a toll on her own body.

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“I blew up. All of a sudden, none of my clothes fit. I was like, ‘What happened to me?!’ I thought the cleaners shrunk all my clothes,” she told ‘People.’

lorraine bracco before and after weight loss pic

Lorraine Bracco’s weight loss transformation from 2011 (Left) to 2015 (Right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images (2))

Determined not to go down he same path as her parents, Bracco decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle starting with the food she ate. After beginning with a two-week cleanse, she opted for items that were not processed and “closest to the source,” such as protein, veggies, and fruits.

She claims if you are looking for quick weight loss results, you better think twice. “There is no quick fix in losing weight. I don’t care what people advertise. It is just so unfair and false. Slow and steady wins the race.”

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Staying determined and disciplined, over the course of the next year, Bracco was able to shed all of the weight that she had gained during her time of emotional turmoil.

To help others who may have gone through similar journeys or are just looking to start fresh and change the way they live and approach life in general, she has released a new self-help book titled, “To the Fullest: The Clean Up Your Act Plan to Lose Weight, Rejuvenate, and Be the Best You Can Be.”