During a visit with Queen Elizabeth yesterday, a six-year-old little girl was inadvertently hit in the face by a soldier when he saluted the monarch as she exited the room — seriously!

queen elizabeth
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Maisie (left) after being hit by the saluting guard.

As Maisie Gregory — adorably clad in a traditional Welsh dress and bonnet — greeted the Queen, 89, she politely curtsied before presenting the royal with a bouquet of flowers. “How pretty you are… God bless you,” the Queen told the young girl upon their meeting, according to [People](http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,2039522220929917,00.html)_.

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Then, as Queen Elizabeth turned to leave, a soldier standing at the door raised his arm to salute Prince William‘s grandmother — and bumped Maisie’s bonnet in the process!

“She’s fine,” her mother, Joanne Gregory, said of the incident. “She’s just very tired. She got a shock. We are all overwhelmed at meeting the Queen.”

Watch a clip of the soldier’s faux pas in the video below!