Back in 2015, Reba McEntire went through a rough divorce with her now ex-husband, television producer Narvel Blackstock. But her heart seems to all be healed up again, due in part to a new man in her life, Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo.

The country artist, 64, met Skeeter, 70, back in August 2017 while on a vacation tour of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And once they crossed paths the rest was romantic history. “We’re totally in love — absolutely,” the singer recently gushed to People. “I wouldn’t put up with somebody for two years if I wasn’t in love with ’em!” she said, adding, “The old heart’s still beating.”

Well we think it’s about time you get to know this gentleman.

Who is he?

Skeeter is a retired geologist, now an accomplished wildlife photographer, who used his nature expertise to help Reba spot the prime locations for animal sightings during her vacation. Quite the guy! Skeeter also happens to have homes in Texas and Wyoming, so it’s clear he’s a success.

He has been married before

Skeeter, now a widower, was married to Marolyn Tyler Lasuzzo until her death in 2013 after a seven-year battle with breast cancer. She was 65. During their relationship they had four kids — daughters Holli, Tyler and Kristi and son Blake. The pair also had five grandchildren.

He’s a big fan of the outdoors

“We do a lot of walking,” the “Does He Love You” singer told the outlet of what they do in their personal time. “He lives right there on the lake [Texoma], got a beautiful home. And then when we go to Jackson Hole, we snowshoe and walk and get into nature.”

He supports Reba and her career

Even though Skeeter didn’t know much of the limelight before meeting Reba, he seems completely comfortable in it now, as he has been seen on multiple red carpet events beside his love. The pair is expected to attend another Hollywood ceremony together on Sunday, April 7, as Reba will be hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards the entire night.

Reba McEntire Skeeter
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It’s very clear that Skeeter is here to stay in Reba’s life, although don’t expect him to become her husband anytime soon. “She loves having him in her life, but she’s been married twice,” a friend of the songwriter once exclusively told Closer Weekly. “The words ‘marriage’ and ‘husband’ are a bit tricky for her now.”

These two make a strong pair, so we are rooting for them!