Yup, you read that right.

Simon Cowell and the rest of The X Factor judging crew caused quite the stir on a recent trip to the English theme park, Thorpe Park.

While enjoying a fun day out with the gang while filming for the latest series of The X Factor, Simon let his playful side get the better of him and apparently decided to head off on a bit of a golf cart joyride in search of ice-cream. But things didn’t exactly go as planned when he pelted into a gift shop by a ghost train ride — what a nightmare!

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“He [stole] a golf cart from where they were filming and off he went,” a source revealed, according to The Sun.

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Apparently, Simon and the judges had been given “free reign” of the park after it had been closed off to the public, giving Simon and excuse to act like a big kid.

“As he got close to the park’s ghost train he tried to drive the cart into a shop but completely underestimated the width of the door and clattered into some metal detectors,” the source continued. “There was a brief period of concern that the judges could have been hurt, but they were soon on their way again.”

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No one was hurt in Simon’s reckless quest for ice-cream, but perhaps it’s best to keep him away from golf carts — and probably theme parks — for the time being. Guess we never really grow up, huh?

In other X Factor news, Simon is planning to change the show in a BIG way.

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Firstly, The Xtra Factor is getting scrapped — the show’s bosses claimed they’re ditching the show through no fault of the previous hosts, but to “focus efforts on digital platforms.”

And secondly, in a bid to win back viewers, Simon has decided to completely redesign the structure of the show — cutting live shows from ten weeks to six, introducing even more star guests, and adding eliminations on both Saturday and Sunday nights to keep a steady flow of excitement.

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