It’s hard to believe that Julie Chen no longer sits beside Eve, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, and Sara Gilbert on The Talk after she spent eight years serving as a co-host on the Emmy-winning CBS series. When Julie, 49, announced in September 2018 that she was leaving the daytime show to “spend more time at home,” it hit her co-stars hard — especially for Sheryl, who has appeared on The Talk since the program’s second season back in 2011.

“I really do miss her,” Sheryl exclusively told Closer Weekly in an interview on Monday, Jan. 14 while promoting Metamucil’s Two-Week Challenge as part of her new partnership with the brand. “I’ve been friends with Julie Chen since I came [on the show] and I love her and I respect her!”

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Sheryl admitted that seeing her longtime friend exit the show was not easy for her to watch, but at the same time, she knew Julie did what was right for her. “We as women need to be there and be as supportive as we can without being there,” she told us. “You know what I’m saying?” 

The radio host explained that sometimes the best way to support a friend during a difficult time is to give them some “space” but still be ready to be there for them when they ask for help. “You know, a lot of people want to be all up in people’s faces and that’s not how it works here,” Sheryl said. “If you’re truly somebody’s friend then you are there when they need you and ready when they call.”

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Sheryl said she particularly misses Julie’s hardworking attitude. “She’s always had this duality in doing multiple things at the same time,” she said. Sheryl is actually adopting her friend’s career strategy and will soon embark on a comedy tour while still working on The Talk

“I’m now going to go on the road for two years. I’m doing comedy again,” she shared, adding that incorporating Metamucil — a Psyllium fiber supplement that promotes regularity — into her daily routine is already helping her feel ready to take on her upcoming shows. “Metamucil is causing me to feel lighter and still have more energy,” she told CloserIf Sheryl’s comedy act is anything like her commentary on The Talk, then we can’t wait to see it!

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