“If It Makes You Happy” singer Sheryl Crow will do anything for her two sons — Wyatt, 12, and Levi, 9. At the 2019 CMAs, she revealed she didn’t want to go to any of the award show’s after parties because she couldn’t wait to tuck her kids in bed.

“You know, I am a little bit of an advantage over some people because I’ve already had a whole life before I adopted my kids so my main focus is selfishly them,” she revealed on the red carpet to The Tennessean after being asked about her mommy priorities. “You know, for me to be out tonight, you know, my manager is like, ‘Are you going to go to the parties?’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’m going to go home and try to make it before tuck-in [time]. So there’s nothing I feel like I’m missing when I’m with them.'”

Sheryl Crow

When Sheryl became a mom of two, her whole life changed. All of a sudden, she had a few more reasons to get out of bed in the morning and work harder than ever. “Motherhood changes everything,” the 57-year-old previously shared to Closer Weekly. “They’re the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of at night.”

Sheryl doesn’t like to shield her kids away from her career either. “They go everywhere I go,” she admitted about taking them on tour. However, Wyatt and Levi love seeing their mom perform as much as she likes taking the stage. “I think they enjoyed it a little too much,” the blonde beauty joked.

Sheryl Crow's kids, sons Levi and Wyatt

At home, Sheryl’s kids get a kick out of performing for each other before it’s time to hit the hay. “They love having dance parties before bed,” the nine-time Grammy winner gushed. “And they always get to pick the music. I just hope they love music, and I can tell they do.”

It would be so great if Wyatt and Levi chose music as their career one day. They’re little superstars in the making!