Shelley Duvall is bravely opening up about her battle with mental illness.

“I’m very sick, I need help,” The Shining star, 67, revealed in a preview clip of her recent interview with Dr. Phil McGraw on the Dr. Phil show, which is set to air on Friday, Nov. 18.

Following the video’s release, fans of the actress — who played Wendy Torrance in the 1980 horror flick alongside Jack Nicholson — were quick to point out how unrecognizable Shelley looks today.

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Many fans additionally criticized Dr. Phil on social media for “showboating the visibly ill.” “She is not competent enough to grant you permission [for an interview],” one person wrote on Twitter.

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Shelley — who is also known for starring in movies Brewster McCloud, Nashville and Annie Hall as well on TV shows including Saturday Night Live — retired from acting in the early 2000s and is now living in Blanco, Texas. Her last film role was in 2002’s Manna From Heaven.

Watch the preview clip for Shelley’s interview with Dr. Phil in the video below.