Go, Sharon Osbourne! After Marie Osmond and her cohosts on The Talk revealed their 2020 vision boards, it was finally time for the 67-year-old to do the same. And let us tell you, she has a lot of great things in store for the new year.

“So the first one I go to is ‘good morning,’ and ‘have no fear,'” she said while pointing to a picture of someone covering their face with a pillow. “I have to say that for so long now I’ve woken up in the morning afraid and I’m afraid for what’s going on in the world. It’s so bad everywhere. It’s so ugly. It’s so violent and I literally am afraid to even look at the news because anything and everything is possible in the world right now. So I don’t want to wake up afraid anymore.”

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon then revealed she really wants to break bad habits. “I have to stop judging people. I have to stop judging. It’s a terrible habit,” the British TV personality said as the audience laughed.

But that’s not all. Sharon also wants to upgrade her living situation with her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, and work on a project with him.

“Ozzy and I are looking for our dream home. We’re looking for a ranch. We’re looking for somewhere where we can have more animals and this is what we’re looking for,” she explained while pointing to a picture of a mansion surrounded by animals. “And then I want to produce a movie on my husband.”

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Sharon’s vision board wasn’t all about herself though. She also wants to see a change in her family’s and colleague’s lives. “I just hope for my family to have health, love and happiness for them all,” she said, adding that Renne Zellweger, Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt should all win an Oscar this year. “So that’s it. But mostly, no fear.”

We have no doubt Sharon will achieve all of her goals this year! She’s a real go-getter.