She may have been attending a prestigious event at Buckingham Palace, but Sharon Osbourne dished a super hilarious moment she once shared with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. While paying a visit to SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” on Friday, October 25, The Talk host recalled the one time she got super friendly with Prince Charles‘ wife.

“[I] love her! She’s naughty,” the 67-year-old gushed of Camilla after Jess, 54, asked her honest opinion of the royal family member. “She’s got a great sense of humor. Oh, she’s funny.” Sharon then revealed the comical — but super playful — moment between her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, and the duchess.

“She goes to Ozzy, ‘So you’re the one that takes all the drugs?'” the former music executive humorously recalled, adding that she then reached out to cop a feel of Camilla’s chest to jokingly play in return. “I gave her titties a good ol’ feel,” Sharon explained, adding that Camilla doesn’t let just anyone come up and grab her breasts. “You can get away with it!” Jesse said. “Yeah! She’s funny!” Sharon replied. “She’s hysterical.” LOL!

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time Sharon has brought up the topic of Camilla’s chest. In 2002, The Osbournes star opened up about the one time she joined Ozzy, 70, for a concert he was performing for in honor of Queen Elizabeth‘s birthday. Sharon recalled complimenting Camilla — who tied the knot with Charles, 70, in April 2005 — on her endearing cleavage.

“She was very warm and amazingly down-to-earth and I just told her that she had great tits, cause she does,” she said, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. “She’s got a great cleavage and they’re like really solid tits, and so I told her it and she said thank you. And she took it all in her stride.”


Although Sharon wasn’t worried about what the royal family would think, she admitted her longtime husband was freaking out about her choice of words. “It didn’t bother her at all and like Ozzy’s going, ‘Oh my God, they’re gonna send us to the tower,'” she remembered. “‘Well, they’ll send the taxman after us now. We’ll be on the wanted list.'” LOL!

During her recent visit on Jess’ show, Sharon also raved about Camilla’s husband, Charles. The America’s Got Talent host, however, left out any mention of the royal’s chest. “Love him, love him,” she gushed of the Prince of Wales. “He gets such a hard time, but yet this is the man, who 30 years ago, was talking about the environment.”

Sharon praised Charles for his passion for fighting climate change and preserving nature. “[He] was talking about keeping all these beautiful, old buildings in England that make England what it is,” she said. “‘Stop destroying these buildings and putting up high-rises, and stop feeding your children this food and this,’ and everybody laughed at him and thought he was a pain. Look at the world now — everything he said was right.”

We wonder if Sharon will be getting an invite to Buckingham Palace anytime soon!