Awkward! Sharon Osbourne seemingly tried to forget about the time she lost her tooth during an episode of The Talk in 2014. However, her hilarious cohosts wouldn’t let her live it down while recalling some of their funniest moments on the talk show’s 2000th episode. They even smashed a cake in her face at the end of the taping!

During the November 8 episode, the beloved cohosts — Carrie Ann Inaba, Eve, Marie Osmond and Sheryl Underwood — played a game with Sharon, 67, titled “Does Mrs. O Know the Show?” While being asked questions by Eve, 40, the ladies brought up the time Sharon’s unforgettable accident.

The Talk
Art Streiber/CBS

“During this holiday episode from 2014, you lost something. What was it?” the hip-hop singer quizzed Sharon — who has appeared on the last 10 seasons since the show’s debut in 2010. Moments after Sharon had a hard time remembering the awkward experience, Eve rolled a clip to jog her memory.

“My tooth’s falling out. Oh, no problem… It’s an implant,” The Osbournes star said at the time. “And I spent a bloody fortune and it f–king falls out? What am I going to do? Seriously, has anyone got any glue?” LOL!

Sharon looked obviously embarrassed as the clip rolled for the entire studio audience. Even though the red-haired beauty was seen shaking her head and looking down, Sharon couldn’t help but laugh as she appeared to remember the cringe-worthy moment. “That’s OK, Mrs. O, there’s many more opportunities here,” Carrie Ann, 51, said as she tried to assure her pal.

Although it was Sharon’s turn for some payback, her cohosts beat her to it as they pulled a prank on her at the end of the show. While closing out the iconic episode, the five ladies stood in front of a large cake in the center of the stage. “Before we wrap up our 2000th show, we brought a cake for the celebration,” the Dancing With the Stars judge said. “Lets cut that up!”

As Sharon was seen cutting the cake, Carrie gave a special shoutout to the fans. “We’d like to raise a toast to you, the viewers, thank you for being a part of the last 2,000 episodes — it wouldn’t have been possible without you,” she said. After clinking their glasses together, the ladies all grabbed a piece of cake and then smashed it in Sharon’s face!

Despite being covered in colored icing, Sharon took the prank like a champ as she was seen laughing and smiling along. We love The Talk ladies so much!