When Sharon Osbourne had her best friend Belle Zwerdling on The Talk, she hilariously revealed Sharon, 67, once pranked called Jay Leno before the British TV personality dated him.

“Every time I left the Comedy Store, I would go up to Sharon’s house and I would say to Sharon, ‘Come on, let’s make some funny phone calls to the comics,'” Belle hilariously revealed during the Thursday, June 11, episode. “And this particular night we made a phone call to Jay Leno.”

Jay Leno

The silver-haired beauty explained they would normally say “stupid stuff” like, “Is your refrigerator running? Well, you better go get it,” and then they would share a laugh. But this time, it was different. After Sharon hung up the phone, her guard told her there was someone at the door.

“The guard at Sharon’s gate goes, ‘Hello Sharon. There’s a Jay Leno at your gate.’ And I thought, holy [hell] I’m going to be fired. This is so heavy,” Belle said. “Jay had tracked us down. I don’t how. To this day, I still don’t know how he tracked us down.”

Once Belle mustered up her courage, she went outside to apologize to the comedian. “I had to go up there and go, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean [to,]'” she said with a laugh. But Jay appeared to be really sympathetic, especially because he “started dating” Sharon directly after that.

Sharon Osbourne and Jay Leno

Although the couple’s fling didn’t last that long, they still remain great friends to this day. In fact, the Osbournes star said she dated Jay when she first moved to America. Even though Sharon knew her future husband, Ozzy Osbourne, at the time, they weren’t dating. “We were just friends. I didn’t have a boyfriend,” the producer explained on The Talk in 2013. “Because I was not very dateable.”

Jay and Sharon’s relationship ended once he “brought around the real love of his life [wife Mavis Leno]” for her to meet. The pair ended up getting married in 1980 and Sharon tied the knot with Ozzy in 1982. What an incredible story!