An open book! Sharon Osbourne has no problem at all discussing her recent facelift, and that’s exactly what she did when she appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

On Tuesday, October 22, the TV personality, 67, showed up at the daytime talk show to talk about many things, including going under the knife, and all the small obstacles that came with all that. “I had this thing where they lifted up my mouth and then for the first week I couldn’t feel my mouth, I can hardly feel my mouth now, to be honest with you,” The Talk cohost joked with the host, 37. “I couldn’t find my mouth. It was numb and it was up on one side and I looked like Elvis [Presley].”

Sharon Osbourne
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“All the kids and Ozzy are going ‘Why are you snarling at me’ and I’m like ‘I’m not snarling I’m not doing anything!’” Sharon added. The America’s Got Talent and her husband, 70, share three kids — daughters Aimee, 36, and Kelly, 34, and son Jack, 33. The businesswoman once revealed that her youngest daughter was by her side through her procedure — and it was quite memorable.

“Kelly was with me for most of the time and when I woke up, she told me that I was going, ‘Help me, help me!’ And she’s like, ‘What can I do for you?’” Sharon recalled while on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “I’m like, ‘Just help me’ … I don’t know what I wanted help for!” Sharon’s facelift was a success, but she also understands how rare it is for things to go smoothly.

Sharon Osbourne
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“You know what it is? It’s just that it’s so popular now for men and women to get facelifts that there’s very few, really good surgeons and there’s so many people wanting to have it done that, odds are, you’re gonna get a dud,” the music manager explained on the late night program. “I think, too, a lot of people go in to change too much and then it just doesn’t work.”

While the recovery may have been a tad rough, we sure are glad that all things have gone well for Sharon!