Oh no! We hope Sharna Burgess doesn’t have bad blood with any of her former Dancing With The Stars partners after she revealed that some of her friendships didn’t make it past the show. The 33-year-old professional dancer admitted that she only keeps in touch with a few participants during a recent fan Q&A on Instagram.

DWTS and Sharna fans alike began to wonder who the red-haired beauty was talking about when she was asked, “Do you keep in touch with your celebrity partners?” to which she replied, “Some, not all.” Sharna continued, “Go on…guess who I DON’T speak to.”

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Considering the Australia native joined the show full-time for Season 16 in 2011, fans had a long list of partners to go through in order to figure out who it was that Sharna was talking about. Since becoming a DWTS pro, the ballroom dancer has been paired with comedian Andy Dick, NFL alum Keyshawn Johnson, figure skater Charlie White, and talk show host Tavis Smiley.

She has also been partnered up with Army vet Noah Galloway, former Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, race car driver James Hinchcliffe, bull rider Bonner Bolton, basketball coach Derek Fisher, and Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman.

Perhaps fans were worried that Sharna was referring to her most recent partner, Bobby Bones, who she ended up taking home first place and the Mirrorball trophy with. However, she shut down any speculation that her friendship with Bobby was tarnished by praising him on social media.

“He’s one of my favorite humans, a best friend, family, and a mentor for me,” Sharna said while making it known that the two are “even closer” now than they were on the show. “I’m so invested in his happiness and success. I also know how much he just cringed reading this. He isn’t good at receiving love and praise…but he deserves it all the time.” So sweet!

Even though she spent time reflecting on who she does and doesn’t talk to, Sharna was asked by a fan to reflect on what she personally gained in 2018. “Now this is impossible to really answer,” the Season 27 winner said. “But what I can say in short is my whole 2018 was about understanding myself more, why I would make the choices I did, prioritize what I did. Why things [hurt] the way they did and why I felt stuck. In the process of reflection and discovery and healing, the [greatest] gift has been the freedom of negativity, and the presence of so much love and gratitude in my life.”