What a stroll down memory lane. Shania Twain has had a massively successful career, but she still recalls the album that really helped kick her career off.

The 54-year-old took to Instagram on Friday, February 7, to celebrate a quarter of century since her second studio album was released. “I cannot believe it is 25 years since I released The Woman In Me. This is really the album that started it all off for me,” the pop star said in a sweet video. “It was the first certified diamond album and 25 years later I’m still enjoying singing these songs every night. The album means a great deal to me. It’s been a very personal journey and I’m very grateful to this album.”

“I actually should be doing something to celebrate — yeah,” the famous singer added, giving her viewers a wink. Take a look at the video below!

People were loving the clip, as they took to the comments section to respond. “I was named after you because of this album,” one person revealed. Another added, “Country music game changer — happy anniversary!”

The Woman in Me was released in 1995, and went on to become certified 12x platinum. It was Shania’s best-selling album at the time, before her next album, Come on Over, which topped it. These days, the entertainer is reeling in crowds every night at her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, which began in December 2019. However, she once revealed just how much anxiety she gets before hitting the stage.

“I suffer a lot from stage fright. And the only way to manage it is to be able to be prepared,” the Grammy winner admitted during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan. “Everything I eat, everything I drink, I’m very methodical about the course of the day and then I’m OK … It’s like preparing for an exam. Every show is like an exam. I gotta get out there and do my best.”

But everything becomes better as soon as Shania begins performing. “I can hear the people, I can hear the fans from backstage and to be honest the anxiety starts morphing into excitement and adrenaline,” the mother-of-one explained. “Once I’m out there I’m really fine.”

Here’s hoping Shania keeps performing for another 25 years!