This is not an SNL sketch — but it would make a good one! On the Monday, April 9 episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers announced that his wife had given birth to their second son. However, that's not the whole story. According to Seth, the couple never made it to the hospital and his son, named Axel Strahl, was born in the lobby of their apartment building.

In the very detailed opening monologue, the talk show host described Sunday as "totally normal," enjoying brunch and taking a walk in the park with his wife Alexi Ashe. Later, as Seth was feeding his older son, Ashe Olsen, 2, his mother-in-law announced they had to go to the hospital right away because Alexi was having contractions. The couple, along with his mother-in-law and their doula, headed downstairs to catch an Uber but they never made it.

"My wife just says, 'I can't get in the car. I'm going to have the baby right now. The baby is coming,'" he said on the show. "We undressed her and the baby was just out! The head of the baby was out!" He joked that his wife looked like "someone was trying to sneak a baby on a plane."

He went on to thank the New York Police Department and New York Fire Department who arrived shortly after his baby boy's arrival. "Everything was fine. It's crazy, obviously," he said before adding, "F–k the Uber driver who charged me!" While this story may seem dramatic, it shouldn't have come as a huge surprise to Seth. His oldest son arrived in a similar style. In 2016, Seth revealed that his wife almost gave birth in an Uber after her water broke two weeks early.

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“I will say, to Tariq, he did an incredible job, he kept this cool so well. And it was hard to keep your cool because one, we wanted to get there in a hurry, and two, my wife was on her knees in the backseat, holding on to me, and screaming out an open window," he said of his driver at the time. "She would be screaming while we were stopped at stoplights, and people would just cross the street. My wife was screaming out the window, ‘I don’t like this!’ And I just feel like New Yorkers were walking by like, ‘It’s New York, nobody likes anything!" Congrats to the happy family!