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Whatever Happened to Actor Sean Connery? As He Turns 90, Take a Look Back at His Legendary Life and Career

They were only three words, but, when they were spoken, they changed movies and the life of a certain actor forever. The words were actually a name: “Bond. James Bond.” The actor, naturally, was Sean Connery, who uttered them for the first time in 1962’s Dr. No, which launched James Bond as a phenomenon and Sean as a superstar.

Creating a character as powerful as James Bond took genuine talent, but overcoming the impact that character made around the world throughout the 1960s, could have led Sean, now 90, down the far easier path of staying with the role and coasting along with its success. But he took the far more difficult option of proving to the world that there was more to him than 007. Admittedly, it was a tough going at first, with many of his non-Bond films failing to connect with audiences. Initially. But he persevered and, little by little, it began to change. Comparisons could actually be made to The Beatles going their separate ways, with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr having to, in a sense, do it all over again — only this time by themselves. They managed it, and so did Sean.

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There is a great moment during the 1988 Academy Awards when Mr. Connery has just won the Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables. The audience is on their feet, applauding wildly and Sean is absolutely beaming in a way that we’ve seldom seen him do. He is just delighted, but not just because he’s won — likely it has more to do with all of those years of hard work, of turning in one fine performance after another, being appreciated by his peers.

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