For weeks, a mystery celebrity in a Leopard costume dazzled us on The Masker Singer — but now that the world knows it was Seal the whole time, it is being revealed that not even his own kids knew of his secret hobby.

“Leopard wanted to do the show because he wanted to surprise his kids. They still didn’t know that he was on when the episode reveal aired,” showrunner and executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra explained to Variety, continuing to use the singer’s choice of mask as his name. “He did the whole thing to surprise his kids and make them laugh. I really wanted to send a camera, the moment that his kids see that it’s him, but we couldn’t, unfortunately, for various reasons.”

The hitmaker shares four kids — daughters Helene, 15, Lou 10, and sons Henry, 14 Johan, 13 — with his ex-wife, Heidi Klum. The Grammy winner was recently eliminated from the popular Fox show, just missing out on making the final three ““All truth be told, I’m feeling a little sad going home tonight,” he told host Nick Cannon just after being voted out. “I had hoped to make it to the finale, but all good things come to an end.”

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After the program, Seal also touched on how difficult it was to sing while in costume. “I couldn’t really break character because, number one, I’d look ridiculous being Seal and being serious in this outfit, and number two, it was just such a kind of rare opportunity to have fun with it and to be something completely different and outside the realms of what I do on a day to day basis,” he explained.

“Being anonymous was an added bonus,” the musician said. While the series continues to be popular, it does have one viewer that knows all about performing on that same stage: Donny Osmond, who came in second place in the show’s first season. He also had some amazing parting words for Seal.

“Leopard Mask/@seal, you are one of my favorite artists,” Donny, 62, wrote via Instagram on Thursday, December 12. “A true legend, indeed. I also thought your performance of ‘Big Spender’ was your best performance of the series. I’m sorry to see you leave. You’ve made this season extremely classy.⁣” So great!

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We will miss Seal’s performances!