He’s kissed a plethora of women throughout his decades-long career in Hollywood — including Courteney Cox and Kerry Washington, among others —  but it didn’t take long for Scott Foley to single out an actress for once giving him the worst onscreen smooch. During his Thursday, February 28 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the 46-year-old revealed which former love interest didn’t impress him when it came to locking lips.

Tyra Banks,” the Whiskey Cavalier actor sheepishly revealed to the show’s host, Andy Cohen. “She was just not into it.” Scott smooched Tyra during her three-episode run as Jane on Felicity‘s third season in 2000.

‘Watch What Happens Live’

The 50-year-old was so shocked by Scott’s answer, he could barely formulate enough words to ask why the kiss turned sour. “I think it was her first onscreen kiss, and I was so excited about it, but it was a lot bigger than it needed to be or should have been — which isn’t always bad … but most of them are great and that — she’s going to kill me.”

Perhaps Scott shouldn’t hold his standards so high considering his Scandal costar Kerry dished that his kissing skills are subpar. Back in 2014, the 42-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres that she wasn’t fond of getting intimate with the handsome hunk or her other ABC soap costar Tony Goldwyn. “They’re equally, um … I don’t enjoy kissing either one,” Kerry admitted during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I think they’re both lovely men! I love my job and I like that I get to work with such talented, extraordinary guys. But it’s awkward.”

ABC's "Scandal" - Season Four
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Nailing an onscreen kiss can be hard, especially if there is no chemistry between the actors. But for Scott, having to kiss his Whiskey Cavalier costar Lauren Cohen is a breeze considering their instant connection. Although they never really knew much about each other prior to meeting, Scott and Lauren “equally agitated each other and made each other laugh” enough to connect when they first introduced on the set of the American comedy series.

“I think you can tell fairly quickly if you’re going to get along, if you find the other person funny,” Scott recently dished to Us Weekly. “We shot the whole damn show in Prague. We’re far away from friends and things we know so we really have to rely on each other for entertainment, support, humor and everything else.” Apparently good onscreen kissers do exist!