At a memorial service honoring the life of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday, world leaders and several high-profile celebrities gathered to remember the man who tirelessly worked to end apartheid in the African country.

But not all of the morning’s events were somber. President Obama was caught snapping a selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt while they watched the memorial! How often do these three get together, anyhow? They better document the moment while they can!

But Obama didn’t have time to get too snap-happy. The president was scheduled to speak to the crowd assembled, and he praised Mandela’s influence and service.

barack obama

“To the people of South Africa—of every race and every walk of life—the world thanks you for sharing Nelson Mandela with us,” Obama said. “With honesty, regardless of our station or our circumstance, we must ask: How well have I applied his lessons in my own life? It is a question I ask myself—as a man and as a president. We know that like South Africa, the United States had to overcome centuries of racial subjugation. As was true here, it took sacrifice—the sacrifices of countless people, known and unknown—to see the dawn of a new day.”

The current South African President Jacob Zuma also spoke, saying, “Everyone has had a Mandela moment when this world icon has touched their lives. There is no one like Madiba [Mandela]. He was one of a kind.”

The former political prisoner turned Nobel Peace Prize winner died on Dec. 5 at the age of 95.