Oops! Savannah Guthrie has publicly apologized to her fans after accidentally letting a swear word slip during a live broadcast of the Today show on Wednesday, March 28. The 46-year-old anchor was caught cursing while preparing for the next segment and, in a rare production mistake, the moment was aired on TV. "Oh, s–t, sorry, guys," Savannah could be heard saying while looking down at her cue cards or cell phone before the broadcast suddenly cut to commercial. Watch Savannah's mistake in the video below!

After the awkward gaffe, Savannah took to Twitter to apologize for her error. "Check, check — is this thing on? Yeah, I guess it is. So sorry guys. Thanks for being kind and understanding. And guess it’s [a] good thing I don’t wear a mic all day. #OhDarn," she wrote to her 873,000 followers. Thankfully, Savannah's fans were totally fine with her live TV mistake. "Please girl, I think I love you more than ever knowing you are just like the rest of us!" one person wrote with another similarly adding, "Hilarious! An appropriate response to having an apparent mic issue during a live show. I would’ve dropped the F-bomb!"

Though Savannah has been a Today anchor since 2012, she recently got a new co-anchor, Hoda Kotb, earlier this year after her longtime TV partner Matt Lauer was fired for sexual misconduct allegations. According to Life & Style, Hoda and Savannah's relationship is so much stronger today now they're working side-by-side on the hit morning show.

"Savannah and Hoda never thought that they would be this close, but they’ve actually bonded over Matt’s betrayal and departure. They’re still hurt, reeling over the details of Matt’s disgusting behavior. He had to go, and now Savannah and Hoda are better friends because of it — and their show is doing better than it was before. Privately, they’re proud of the success," a source revealed.

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