As a television journalist, Savannah Guthrie is no stranger to criticism. But she is surprised by the amount of viewers who “feel the need to air their critiques in sharp or explicit terms” about her maternity wear.

The 42-year-old, who is nearly nine months pregnant with her first child, wrote on that she’s been accused of wearing tighter clothing to flaunt her baby bump.

“First of all, at 8.5 months pregnant, there’s really no hiding that ever-expanding belly,” she said. “Wearing a loose muumuu is not going to do the trick, and, believe me, I haven’t worn anything tight in months.”

savannah guthrie

Though Savannah’s well aware negativity “comes with the [Today Show] territory,” she confessed that after hearing some of the comments “[I] had to laugh, so as not to cry.”

Luckily, more compliments have been coming her way than critiques, which makes the anchor smile.

“When you’re expanding to the point you weigh more than all your coworkers, when your legs sprout cankles, and your face breaks out like a teenager — it’s so nice to hear a kind or encouraging word,” Savannah wrote.

savannah guthrie

The reporter recently did a segment on the evolution of maternity wear and how contemporary trends celebrate bumps instead of hiding them. The newly married star revealed she chooses stretchy fabrics that “will fit whatever shape [she] has left.”

And since Savannah is currently experiencing summer as a pregnant lady, she applauds all women “hot-flashing their way through…and trying to maintain their sense of comfort and self-confidence at the same time.”