Savannah Guthrie has finally provided some answers about how she lost a tooth during a night out with her Today costars.

If you remember, Savannah, 52, first shocked the world when she admitted she lost her tooth at the Today Christmas party during an interview with People on May 10. “I don’t know, it’s still at the Pebble Bar,” she said at the time of her missing molar, referencing the New York City location.

Jenna Bush Hager was audibly shocked to learn that Savannah’s tooth had gone missing that night.

“You lost your tooth? Savannah, are you joking?” the former first daughter asked. “I feel the way I did with the Polar Plunge. I feel deceived. I feel deceived by you. She tried to blame the wildness on me!”

On Tuesday, July 9, Savannah appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen with Hoda Kotb and discussed the shocking confession. Leave it to Andy Cohen to always get juicy information from his guests!

“It did happen. That was the Christmas party, which when you’re at the Today show Christmas party, it starts at, like, 3 p.m. A lot of day drinking,” the Mostly What God Does author said during the late-night TV appearance.

Jenna, 42, Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer were also in attendance at the Christmas party.

“The next thing I know, the morning I wake up, I’m like, ‘I feel like something’s missing.’ It was, like, a molar,” Savannah continued, explaining that she felt like something was off in her jaw. “I was like, ‘Where is it?’ And they were like, ‘Maybe it’s at the Pebble Bar.’ It was gone.”

Savannah Guthrie loses tooth at Today party
NDZ/Star Max/GC Images

Perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that Savannah did not immediately go to the dentist to have the tooth fixed.

“She let it go for longer than weeks! I was like, ‘Go to the dentist,'” Hoda, 59, remembered.

“You couldn’t see it. It was a molar!” Savannah explained.

Today host Craig Melvin also appeared on Watch What Happens Live on June 19 to spill some interesting information about his costars. During the episode, Craig, 45, revealed that Al Roker is the cohost who takes the longest in hair and makeup and that Carson Daly is usually the first person to leave the show’s set after filming each day.

Recently, Savannah and Hoda announced that they were making a big change on the Today set – banning use of cellphones while filming the show.

“Now take a look at that,” Savannah said during a June 18 episode of the long-running morning talk show. “That is a basket of our cellphones. We decided to toss them in that basket for the whole show this morning. We were talking about our conversation with the Surgeon General, who wants a warning label on social media.”

“Every parent knows their kids are dying for the smartphones and every parent knows we’re as addicted as anyone else,” she added, with Hoda responding, “We’ve had 30 minutes so far. Usually in commercial breaks, we’re taking care of our kids’ logistics but we’re feeling good.”