She’s holding onto summer for as long as she can! In a funny new interview, mom-of-two Savannah Guthrie revealed her four-year-old daughter, Vale, didn’t want to return to preschool this fall. 

While chatting with People, Savannah, 46, recalled the adorable conversation that she had with Vale when her daughter was too scared to start the school year. “Instead of saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s going to be great,’ I tried to ask her, ‘Well, why do you not want to go to school?'” Savannah said. And Vale had the most heartwarming answer! “She said, ‘I want to stay [at] home with you, and Charley, and Daddy.'”

The Today co-host didn’t want her daughter to feel like she was missing out so she assured Vale that when she goes off to school, their house is not as exciting as she thinks. “She had total FOMO. She thought that this whole party was going on without her while she’s off at school. I’m like, ‘Nobody will be here. You’re not missing anything,'” Savannah explained. “I was like, ‘Well, Daddy will be at work, and Mommy will be at work, and Charley’s going to go to preschool too.'”

After their quick conversation, Savannah noted that her daughter “felt better” about returning to school but we can understand why Vale feared going back. This summer, Vale had a pretty exciting time enjoying the warm weather, begging her mom to eat ice cream, and celebrating her birthday on two seperate occasions — one with her immediate family and another with her BFF Poppy Hager, who turned three years old.

Savannah and Vale even wore matching Wonder Woman outfits for the little girl’s family birthday party and Vale’s younger brother, Charley, sported a Batman shirt. It was the perfect end to a beautiful summer vacation!

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