In the coming weeks, Grey’s Anatomy fans will spot a familair face. Sarah Utterback is reprising her memorable role as Nurse Olivia Harper during Season 14 episode 21, which is scheduled to air April 26. Die-hard fans will remember Sarah’s character as a nurse at the since-renamed Seattle Grace Hospital during seasons one through six. Her claim to fame? She slept with with George O’Malley (RIP), giving him the syphilis she contracted after sleeping with former bad boy Alex Karev. Good times.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Olivia has grown a lot since her time at the Seattle hospital. So, when she returns with her son, it throws both Alex and his new fiancée Jo Wilson for a loop. We don’t know the exact age of her son, but judging from EW‘s plot description for the episode, Alex will at least wonder if he’s the father. Although, fans are already pointing out that he and Olivia hooked up in the earlier seasons, and viewers never saw that she was pregnant.

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“I’m glad they’re bringing her back but I have no idea why her son would throw Jolex for a loop,” one fan wrote on a reddit thread discussing the upcoming episode. “The timeframe doesn’t fit for the kid to be Alex’s. Unless they retcon it like they did him sleeping with Callie. It would be kind of funny, though, after all of the speculation about Izzie showing up with Alex’s kid if it turned out to be Olivia of all people.”

Other fans are worried that the writers are going to cause distress between Jolex after they finally seemed to have found some happiness together after a tumultious season. One added, “I don’t know why but I have a strong feeling that her son will be a patient and then she’ll bring up the syph or she’ll talk about how much Alex loved Izzie and it’ll freak Jo out.”

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s totally possible that Alex’s little blast from the past will just cause him to think more about his future. “I’m fairly positive all this is is jump starting the kid discussion between the two,” a fan commented. Another agreed writing, “That also works! I think the phrase ‘thrown for a loop’ is just trying to get people speculating but it’s going to be something fairly innocuous.” We’ll just have to wait and see!

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