Oh Jan. 6, Sandra Oh and comedian Andy Samberg will hit the stage to co-host the 76th Golden Globes — and let’s just say that the former already has big-time nerves.

The Killing Eve actress recently spoke to People about her reaction when she first learned she had been given the duty of hosting one of the biggest award shows of the season. “My reaction was, ‘Is this a joke?,’” the 47-year-old said. “And then when it was not a joke, it was just this feeling of terror and thrill. There was no way I would do this without Andy. It’s really exciting.” Sandra and Andy left quite the impression at the 2018 Emmy Awards, when they hilariously mocked the 2017 Oscars gaff involving the now infamous La La Land and Moonlight mix-up.

Andy Samberg Sandra Oh
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The last pair to host the Globes were Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, a twosome that has always had major chemistry on stage between them, but Sandra is hesitant to put her and Andy on the same level. “I am leery to put the duo-ness anywhere near Tina and Amy,” Sandra said. “I think Andy and I are just going to find our way and do our own thing. Andy is so seasoned. I am not in that realm. I really just want to hang out with him … onstage … in front of millions of people!”

Andy is also pretty eager to get to know Sandra even more. “We met at the Emmys, but we’re getting to know each other fast,” the Saturday Night Live alum said. “Turns out we’re very compatible.” Sandra and Andy are no strangers to award season, as both have reeled in Golden Globes for themselves. Andy won in 2014 for his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, while Sandra won in 2006 for her work on Grey’s Anatomy.

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg
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Not only are we excited to see the pair co-host the show, but Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Meher Tatna is as well. He said, “We’re excited to welcome Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg as co-hosts of Hollywood’s Party of the Year. Both Golden Globe Award recipients have continually showcased their talents in film and television, and we can’t wait see what their undeniable chemistry will bring to the Golden Globes stage.”

Tune into NBC on Jan. 6 to see what goes down!