Actress Sandra Bullock should get a mom-of-the-year award! The star adopted her two kids, son Louis Bullock, 7, and daughter Laila Bullock, 5, in April 2010 and December 2015, respectively, and now a source has revealed to that Sandra is quite the dedicated mommy to the two young ones.

“Sandra does anything and everything for her kids,” an insider recently told Us Weekly. “They are her world.” The source added, “The kids are very normal and grounded. She is raising them the right way.” That said, as any mother of two kids knows, siblings fight! The 53-year-old recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and got very candid about her little ones.

“[Louis] wanted his sister and he knew she was his sister, but now there are moments when they want to kill each other,” Sandra joked to host Ellen DeGeneres. However, the brunette beauty made it clear that Laila is the feistier of the two. “But I like that about her. I like that she’ll take a knife and cut a guy,” she added.

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Luckily for the Ocean’s 8 star, her longtime boyfriend, Bryan Randall, is always there to help her co-parent as well. “[He] is their biggest playmate and is always coming up with creative ways to entertain them,” an insider confessed. “He’s their dad all the way.” How adorable!

On top of being, you know, an A-list actress, Sandra also finds time to be a big part of Louis and Laila’s lives. “Sandy takes them to school and picks them up,” the confidant revealed. “There’s not a lot of downtime. Once they’re home, she helps with homework. They do art projects, play board games, read books, and help make dinner.”

The brother and sister also have many talents (they clearly get it from their famous mama)! “[The kids] are always running around and playing ball and hide-and-seek,” added the insider. “[Louis] is a very good skier and can keep up with Sandra and Bryan. Laila is learning and will be able to join in soon.”

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As previously reported, Sandra and Bryan are also trying for a baby. “When they reconciled, Bryan and Sandra had a lot of heart-to-heart conversations and Sandra said how her biggest regret in life was never having 
a baby of her own,” an insider told Woman’s Day. “She tried when she was married to Jesse James, but 
they had no luck, which is 
why she turned to adoption.”

“But Bryan convinced her that she shouldn’t just give 
up,” the source continued. “They went to see fertility experts in Beverly Hills and Sandra had IVF treatments — now it looks like they may have hit the jackpot!” Well, clearly Sandra loves balancing motherhood with all of her other responsibilties — and we’d love to see her add another little one to her brood!