By now we’re assuming that the majority of people on the planet have seen Netflix’s monster hit, Bird Box. The movie, which involved a blindfolded cast, must have been a doozy to film because the star decided to treat everyone to a gift during the shoot.

Danielle Macdonald, who co-starred with Sandra Bullock on the film, recently told Variety that Sandra, 54, was all about being generous, as the movie was being filmed during the holiday season in 2017. “I’m in shock by how organized Sandy is,” Danielle said. “Because we were filming it towards Christmas a year ago, she had like this little set up in the house of all the different traditions for different religions, and everyone could put their own tradition in. She had gifts for all of us. I was like ‘How are you this prepared?’”

Bird Box
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Danielle, who played Olympia in the thriller, continued, “And then she had her kids, and they were all taken care of. I was like, ‘You woke up this morning and took your kids to school and now you’re at work all day, and you’re the lead of this movie, you’re in every frame!’ I don’t know how she did it, because I can barely handle just the work part. She’s like an alien, in the best way.”

And perhaps handing out gifts to the cast and crew was a nice distraction from the shoot, as Sandra revealed in a recent promotional interview that “it wasn’t fun.” Sandra said, “But I liked the fact that it did half the work for you. I didn’t have the luxury of being comfortable, and that helped. I didn’t realize that my crabbiness and irritability was stemming from the fact that I was not with my usual superpowers, which are your crutches as an actor.”

Sandra Bullock
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Sandra continued: “Your eyeballs are things that help you translate the scene and convey emotion. I didn’t have that. [But] there were two times that I had to sort of make sure I could see when I had to fall with the kids. I wasn’t about to put their lives at risk for my Method acting. But it was a powerful sort of realization of what you’re capable of when you don’t have your eyes.”

Bird Box is streaming now on Netflix, although you won’t get a gift after viewing it. Sorry.