Is Sandra Bullock pregnant?! No, she’s just filming a movie! The 53-year-old A-lister was seen cradling a prosthetic baby bump while on the set of the upcoming Netflix film Bird Box on Thursday, Jan. 18 in LA.

Sandra flaunted the bump in a dark blue blouse with a light blue trenchcoat over top. She fooled us for a minute! Sandra and fellow actress Sarah Paulson were shooting a post-car crash scene for the film. We just hope her (fake) baby ends up being ok after the scary accident!

sandra bullock baby bump splash

Meanwhile, in real life, everyone is dying for Sandra to get pregnant! She’s currently a supermom to her two adopted kids, son Louis, 8, and daughter Laila, 5. “Sandra does anything and everything for her kids,” an insider explained. “They are her world. The kids are very normal and grounded. She is raising them the right way.”

And months ago, it was reported that Sandra was trying for a baby with her longtime boyfriend, Bryan Randall, whom she parents her children with. “When they reconciled, Bryan and Sandra had a lot of heart-to-heart conversations and Sandra said how her biggest regret in life was never having 
a baby of her own,” an insider told Woman’s Day at the time. “She tried when she was married to [her ex-husband], Jesse James, but 
they had no luck, which is 
why she turned to adoption.”

The source added, “But Bryan convinced her that she shouldn’t just give 
up. They went to see fertility experts in Beverly Hills and Sandra had IVF treatments — now it looks like they may have hit the jackpot!” So exciting!

sandra bullock bryan randall splash

A third child would fit in just fine with their brood, that’s for sure! Apparently, Bryan is a superdad. “[He] is their biggest playmate and is always coming up with creative ways to entertain them,” said an insider. “He’s their dad all the way.” We’re crossing our fingers that Sandra will soon debut a real bump or that the couple will adopt another child!