Sandra Bullock’s new movie may be killing it at the box office but the Oscar-winner seemed a little too pre-occupied this weekend to notice. On Saturday, Sandra and 3-year-old son Louis were photographed leaving a Halloween party in Studio City, CA.

Sandra was almost unrecognizable in red, white, and black skeleton make-up but son Louis looked absolutely adorable in a coordinating skeleton outfit complete with detachable bat wings.

The actress recently spoke out in interviews about the love she has for her only child and how she won’t take on a film role unless he can be a constant presence on set. She recalled telling Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón, “It has to be a great time for my son. I can't miss him. If I miss him, I will be of no use to you.”

Well, whatever it was that kept Bullock going on the Gravity shoot has paid off because she’s earning rave reviews and early Oscar buzz for her role as an astronaut in danger. Bullock must be enjoying the downtime while she can because it could be a hectic couple of months for the star and her little man!