Ryan Seacrest may be one of the busiest guys on TV with projects galore, but he’s looking to go the next level and become king of the celebrity kitchen as he eyes up toppling the likes of Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray and others in their league.

“Some might think it delusional, but Ryan really wants to take over the food world,” an insider exclusively tells Closer. “He takes his passion for cooking – and the food business as a whole – seriously. It’s not a hobby for him, it’s a way of life and this point as well as a contest that he must win at any cost. He really believes he can take his homemade concoctions that he loves to show off on social media to billionaire mogul status. He believes he’s got the talent to do it, and that means putting out cookbooks, gourmet restaurants, shows, food products and kitchen gadgets.”

The source continued, “He feels he’s got the drive and confidence to pull this off. You’d think he’d be satisfied with what he’s already got, but it’s not Ryan’s style to sit still. He’s a creative thinker and quick on his toes and there’s nothing to stop him, or so he believes.”

The longtime American Idol host regularly posts photos of himself preparing delicious-looking meals, and a potential cooking show for Ryan, 49, has been something fans have previously wondered about.

In June 2023, Ryan whipped up some Italian Soffrito in his kitchen and shared some photos of himself as he worked.

Ryan Seacrest Really Wants to Take Over the Food World
Ryan Seacrest/Instagram

“Probably the simplest vegetarian meal… Just found what I had in the kitchen to make Italian Soffritto. It’s always great to improvise, just don’t forget to top it off with some [extra virgin olive oil],” the new Wheel of Fortune host wrote alongside the pics via Instagram.

“Maybe you should start your own cooking show like Rachel Ray,” wrote one fan, while another added, “Ryan you should give up this Wheel of Fortune gig and do a cooking show!”

In 2022, Us Weekly reported that Ryan was looking into producing and starring in his own cooking show.

“Ryan is looking to produce and star in his own show about food,” a source told the outlet in an interview published on June 16, 2022. “He loves the Stanley Tucci series Searching for Italy and wants to do a show along those same lines.”

The insider added that Ryan “fancies himself a Gordon Ramsey kinda guy.”