Sounds like they still have a strong bond! Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor may not be dating anymore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hang out anymore — and the TV personality proved that when he revealed his ex will be joining him for the holidays.

The 44-year-old discussed his ex-girlfriend on the Thursday, September 19, episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, as he was flying solo because his cohost Kelly Ripa was out sick. The American Idol judge found himself talking about holiday planning — and his sister, Meredith, asked him if he would be bringing Shayna, 27, to dinner.

“The answer’s ‘yes,’” Ryan revealed, as the audience clapped. “I really went for it. I had to know about your love life and what was going on,” his sister added.

Ryan Seacrest Shayna Taylor

“Meredith, this is national television live,” the producer joked. “That’ll be enough. That’ll be enough.”

Earlier this year, the former couple called it quits after dating for three years. However, it was clear that their bond wouldn’t end. “They still love and care about each other,” a source told People after the news was revealed to the public. “It was an amicable split and they’re still really close.” Although soon after, Ryan made it known that he was looking to date again.

“Next screen test, I’m unmarried, I’m available … if you’ve got any good casting,” the radio DJ once said during an episode of the ABC daytime talk show — this coming after he learned that his cohost met her husband, Mark Consuelos, all thanks to an All My Children producer.

Ryan Seacrest Shayna Taylor
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These days, it seems like Ryan may indeed be back on the dating route, especially since he was spotting getting very close with America’s Next Top Model contestant Larissa Scott during a romantic date. The duo were spotted hanging out in the South of France, as they exchanged kisses. It is very clear that the two were enjoying themselves.

No word yet if Larissa will be joining Ryan and his family for Thanksgiving this year, but one thing is fore sure: he will once again be taking a stroll down memory lane with Shayna!