He’s totally a family man! Ryan Gosling has been all about being a dad ever since he and his partner, Eva Mendes, welcomed their two daughters in 2014 and 2016 — so much so, that his Hollywood career has taken a backseat to his kids.

A source told Life & Style — in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now — that the Oscar-nominated actor, 38, now “puts family first.” The insider explained, “His priorities have definitely flipped; family is first now, career second. Ryan loves being a dad to his daughters more than anyone knows. He’s always been a natural with kids, but his girls Esmeralda and Amada have completely changed his perspective on everything he’s done in life.”

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling
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The First Man star and Eva, 44, even go out of their way to give each other some time off from parenting when they need it. “He and Eva are all about giving each other some alone time, away from the kids,” the insider continued. “Ryan is hands on. He’ll take one of the girls, or both, out for the day and spend some real quality time with them. He really is a great dad.”

The Young Hercules alum was even recently spotted with Esmeralda, 4, at a book store in Los Angeles, so it is obvious he wants to dedicate plenty of time to his children.

Ryan Gosling Esmeralda

And even though Ryan is doing all he can to put his family ahead of his job, Eva once revealed that her little ones see her in a different light compared to their father, even though they’re both actors. “I’m just Mom to them, and they never see me get ready for anything,” Eva explained to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s very important for me for them to see me as just Mom, and I’m just, you know, a messy mom. When I go out with them, I really don’t put an emphasis on how I look — not yet.”

The Training Day star even confessed that her daughters believe their dad works in space thanks to his latest movie, First Man. “They loved it! And they now think Poppy’s an astronaut. We haven’t corrected them yet,” she told the outlet. So cute!