They might be the most famous family in the world, but it seems that the younger generation of England’s royals is keeping up with one another via the most ubiquitous of mediums — a group text through WhatsApp! In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Zara Tindall‘s husband, Mike Tindall, revealed that he and his wife stay in the loop with their relatives via the popular messaging app.

“Me, my brother, and then a few of Zara’s side like her brother Pete and the cousins are on WhatsApp groups. I wouldn’t say we’re cutting edge, but it’s just easier for some reason on WhatsApp,” he told the paper. While the former England rugby captain didn’t go on to name-check the group’s members, we can certainly assume that “the cousins” could be a reference to Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

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Kate, Zara, Mike, and William. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

With Prince Harry set to marry Meghan Markle on May 19, Princess Eugenie tying the knot with Jack Brooksbank in the autumn, and both Zara and Kate Middleton expecting new arrivals in 2018, this year is certainly shaping up to be a momentous one for the royal family. We can only guess that Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren have been sharing wedding planning news and swapping pregnancy updates via Whatsapp, with a light sprinkling of emojis thrown in for emphasis.

Discussing the packed family calendar for the coming year, Mike revealed, “We will be going to Harry’s and Eugenie’s weddings — well I think so, we haven’t been invited yet though. We’re looking forward to them, but the big thing this year will be the new one on the way.”

“That, I think, will be the most important thing to happen this year. I don’t think there is too much to worry about except that. And if it goes well, we’ll be happy,” he said. Mike and Zara, who are already parents to four-year-old Mia Tindall, announced that they were expecting their second child earlier this month.

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This post was written by Katie Rosseinsky. It originally appeared on our sister site, Grazia Daily.