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Beautiful Retro Shots of the Royal Family Holiday-ing in the Sun

You can't take a vacation from being part of the monarchy, but by God, you can try. In fact, even though we envision the royal family being bound to Buckingham Palace beneath perpetual grey skies, they manage to get plenty of sun on their own time. And as you would expect from the likes of Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, they usually looked good doing it.

So how do they manage to visit exotic lands so much if they're supposed to, you know, looking over Britain? Well, part of the time it's just an extension of the job. See, even though part of being a royal involves being bound by suffocating protocol rules, the trade-off is you get to spread your wings and travel…a lot. In fact, about 70% of the job seems to involve going on "tours" of different countries. Which, ok, sounds like a work trip to us, but it would be grand to be greeted by thousands of delighted fans every time we stumbled off a plane completely jetlagged. And trust us, they manage to fit in the expected luxurious getaways on private boats, too.

Below, some vintage pictures of the Royal Family taking a royal breather while on holiday.