It looks like things are still tense between Rose O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg!

Just one day after Rosie, 52, reportedly lashed out against Whoopi, 59, for scoring a one-on-one interview with Beverly Johnson — one of many women claiming she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby — on The View, Rosie took to her Twitter page to post a cryptic message about rising above negativity.

“Deep growth comes through love and bright reflection, not through punishment and negativity,” ‘The View’ host wrote, quoting artist and writer Judith Tannenbaum.

Though it is unclear whether the tweet was directed at Whoopi, the message’s words do seem to correlate to the duo’s history of drama, which reportedly most often takes place behind the scenes on the popular ABC talk show.

On Wednesday, Dec. 17 it was reported Rosie was extremely upset that Beverly allegedly requested to only speak with Whoopi during her Dec. 15 appearance on ‘The View.’

beverly johnson 'the view'

Beverly on ‘The View’ on Monday, Dec. 15.

“Producers were willing to do whatever Beverly wanted to get her on the show and agreed to cut out Rosie as well as other co-hosts Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace,” a source explained. “[And] that infuriated Rosie.”

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After Rosie took her complaints about the producers’ decision to exclude the other hosts in the sit-down to network executives, ABC allegedly agreed and told the show’s producers to tell Beverly she was required to speak with all of the co-hosts.