Say it ain’t so! Our favorite TV reboot is coming to an end — for now, anyway. The Roseanne season finale airs tonight and based on the sneak peek ABC just aired, it’s going to be a good one.

The teaser opens with the Conner family gathered around the infamous living room sofa. It appears as though the gang is unboxing some old Halloween decorations — though we don’t know why — when Harris Conner (played by Emma Kenney) comments on how lame they are. Just then, Roseanne starts to grab her chest and writhe in pain. Oh, no. Is she having a heart attack? Not quite. Roseanne was pulling a fast one on Harris and everyone starts to laugh — typical Conner family hijinks.

roseanne season finale

Beyond that, Roseanne Barr herself is making exciting promises of what to expect from the episode — not without political undertones, though. “We’re wrapping up the season in a great way that kind of gives the idea that government can really help people. That’s something that I wanted to end on,” the 65-year-old told The Associated Press, per The New York Times. “Hopefully we can get our government to take care of the citizens of this country in a better way.”

The real life mother-of-five believes that the show’s portrayal of controversial topics is what contributed to the standout ratings. “The show did great. Scrutiny is always good — it’s part of being successful,” she said. “It gives everyone something to talk about. And everyone gets to express their opinion, too.”

Executive Producer, Bruce Helford, explained that tackling hot-button issues isn’t just about the ratings, it’s about starting a conversation and bringing awareness. “We want to be brave. We want to tackle things that other shows are worried they can’t either make funny or will make people uncomfortable,” he said.

One such issue is addiction — a topic Roseanne has mentioned will be featured in the finale. Her character, who has admitted to being addicted to painkillers after suffering from a knee injury, will have to confront her medical condition head on — during a massive flood, of all things! “It’s about rain and health care and God,” the former stand-up comedian concluded.

Be sure to tune in to the Roseanne season finale tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.