When comedy queen Roseanne Barr stepped onto a recent red carpet, it was obvious that the 61-year-old had made a significant lifestyle change!

We picked the Roseanne star’s brain to see if a switch-up in diet and exercise was responsible for the transformation.

“I went to the doctor yesterday and I thought I lost 12 lbs,” shared the mother-of-five. “I’d lost 35 lbs and I thought I only lost 12. So that was kind of cool.”

roseanne barr

Barr (L) on March 10th and (R) in August 2012

Barr said she’s trying to be more “conscious” of what she’s putting into her body. “It’s hard,” admitted the actress, “alcohol helps.”

Although she hasn’t given up her booze, the Utah native has stopped eating “anything with a face,” she said. “I feel good. I try to feel good and have energy.”

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But what’s really changed the comedian’s life is a step counter that she sets to 6,500 every day. “I don’t care about anything but getting my steps and fueling myself to get my steps,” said Barr. “It’s good. It’s getting me focused.”

And though she doesn’t have a goal weight in mind, Barr joked, “I want to get a tight core so I can start doing bikini shoots and stuff.”

The funny lady also mentioned to Closer that she would definitely run for president again, after an unsuccessful 2012 Green Party campaign, though it may not be for this country.

“[I would run for] president of Russia maybe the whole world,” the star quipped.