The cast of America’s Favorite Sitcom, Roseanne, opens up to Closer Weekly about winning the hearts of millions all over again.

When the Roseanne cast walked back on the familiar living room set to reboot the sitcom 20 years after its original run ended, “it seemed like no time had passed at all,” co-star Laurie Metcalf tells Closer. “Being in the same room with everybody again was the best part.”

Fans felt the same way when the reboot debuted in March and instantly shot to the top of the ratings. “No one was surprised because there was a real feeling of enthusiasm and excitement about how well the writers had tapped into the best parts of the old series,” costume designer Erin Quigley, one of many original crew members who have returned, tells Closer. “It deals with universal issues.”

It was Sara Gilbert, aka Darlene, who spearheaded the sitcom’s revival. “If the show was a car, Sara is the engine this time,” Michael Fishman, who plays her brother, D.J., tells Closer. “She provided the power to get us all started.” Adds Quigley, “Sara’s a ball of energy and optimism. She’s very invested in the quality of the show — this was her family growing up.”

The show has already been picked up for another season, and filming will resume later this month. “Season 11 is a dream come true,” Michael tells Closer. “We had so many ideas that didn’t make it into Season 10. We have so much more to cover as a family.”

“The biggest thing from the show, and I think fans agree, is learning how to deal with tough times with humor,” says Michael. “Trying to stick together — that’s what the core of the show is.”

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“It felt like there was a time warp,” says Quigley, who reports it took “about 30 seconds” for everyone to snap back into place. Concludes Laurie, “It’s like we were a family for nine straight seasons and worked every day together and made that bond. Then to revisit it after 20 years have passed, you can’t buy that kind of chemistry.”

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