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13 Romance Movies to Curl Up and Watch on Netflix This Weekend

Whether you’re dying to watch a powerful love story, or you’re stuck in the doldrums of your own peaceful marriage, sometimes you want to be swept away by a wildly romantic film. Luckily “love” seems to be the focal point (or if nothing else, the B plot) of most major motion pictures, but if you want something now and you’ve exhausted all of your favorites, it may be time to turn to a friendly streaming service for help. At this point you may be wondering, what romantic dramas are available on Netflix right now?

There’s no doubt a wide selection when you skim through the genre by your lonesome. But sorting through intense, intricate (or sometimes simply sweet but riveting to watch) tales require a keen eye. Luckily, we have just the eye for that.

It helps to know what you’re looking for exactly. Do you want a tale of matured love, two opposites painfully attracted to each other while they bicker across the African river? Do you want young love, fresh and pure, two crazy kids trying to run away together? Do you want a classic, powerful, and some may argue excruciatingly long tale of romance? Or do you want to follow a couple’s journey through an unconventional narrative?

Suffice to say, we have a wide selection of stories for every kind of taste, and we can confirm that these films show the true intensity of love in all of its facets. You’ll cry, you’ll feel, you’ll swoon, and among all the drama you’ll maybe feel a little bit grateful by any boredom in your life by the end of it. Check out the gallery below to see all of the romantic dramas that are available on Netflix right now!