Call her Madame President! Robin Wright “is fine in every way,” a friend of the star tells Closer. That’s despite her House of Cards co-star Kevin Spacey being fired while under investigation for sexual misconduct. His departure has thrown her hit show into tumult on the eve of its sixth and final season.

“She was upset for a couple of days,” the friend says, “but that’s it. She’s a true pro. It’s very important for her to show her daughter and young women that you have to keep it together and be as professional as you can be.”

robin wright

In fact, Robin, 51, likely sees a silver lining in the roiling accusations gripping Hollywood. An advocate of equal pay, she’s said the struggle will require women to “stand your ground, speak your truth, and amplify your voice.” But while she’s remained mum about Kevin, her friend says she’s “deeply disappointed” in him. That said, the friend adds, “She’s secretly thrilled that women are coming forward and will be able to be in more positions of power.”

Robin taught both her children, Dylan, 26, and Hopper, 24, with ex-husband Sean Penn, to believe in equality. “Robin is all about no one being better or worse than anyone else,” the friend explains. But the actress, who’s currently single, is also about embracing her own strength. “She feels she’s always been in the shadow, of Sean, of Kevin. Now her hard work is paying off.”

robin wright and kevin spacey

And there’s no question that Robin is ready to take charge. “Everyone is in a positive state of mind,” says her pal of the House of Cards crew. And Robin, an executive producer, has been meeting with the writers to determine the show’s new direction. “She’s strong, self-assured and open to seeing where this will go,” the pal notes. As Robin herself revealed regarding how playing Claire Underwood has stepped up her career, “I feel as though I’ve just graduated…I’m finally ready.”

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