She plays conniving first lady Claire Underwood in the critically acclaimed Netflix original series “House of Cards,” but Robin Wright’s personal life is far from the corrupt political world she’s embroiled in on the show!

In fact, the newly engaged star couldn’t be happier in her current situation, which began simply enough.

After divorcing from first husband Sean Penn in 2010, the actress met fiancé Ben Foster on the 2011 set of their film “Rampart.”

“We hung out at the premiere party, talking all night and having a great time,” remembers Wright.

“Finally, Ben said, ‘Would you like to go to a poetry reading with me tomorrow night?’… At the reading we were moved by the same lines, and all of a sudden, he took my hand, and I got that rush,” shares the 47-year-old.

robin wright

Wright admits she didn’t expect to experience that feeling again. “I thought, I’m an old hag; I thought that was over,” says the star.

And believe it or not, that poetry reading was the actress’ first date! “That was the first date I had ever been on in my life,” says the blonde beauty.

“Generally, in this industry, you meet someone on a movie, and he becomes your boyfriend. I had one boyfriend before I got married and had kids,” she shares. “I was a married mom my whole life, really…so I had never been asked on a date before.”

Now the “Princess Bride” star has many more dates to look forward to with her 33-year-old future hubby! Though, Wright admits, she never escaped the stereotype of dating a younger man throughout their courtship.

“I’m 14 years older. Nobody blinks an eye when the man is 14 years older, but I’m a ‘cougar’ because I’m with somebody younger,” the mom-of-two explains to Capitol File magazine in their March issue.

robin wright

So does the Golden Globe winner have anything in common with her scheming on-screen character?

“She’s a short hair gal,” Wright says of Claire. “But I like it, too. I can’t imagine having long hair anymore…my fiancé hides his buzzers from me. I’ll snip a little here, a little there.”