Actor Robert Duvall claims he wasn’t a ladies man back when he was younger, and based on this pick-up line he once used, we believe him!

During a recent interview, the 83-year-old revealed his roommate Dustin Hoffman — yes, they were roommates! — was far more skilled at picking up women.

“Dusty was the kind of guy: he had a nude girl on the table, he pretended he was an artist,” Robert said of living with Dustin in 1960s New York. “He got more women than Joe Namath or anybody.”

robert duvall

Duvall (far left) and Hoffman (far right) with the late Mickey Rooney and his wife, Jan Chamberlin

The Apocalypse Now actor, on the other hand, had far more awkward run-ins with the opposite sex!

“I said to this girl — and it didn’t work — I said, ‘Come up to our apartment and see our new linoleum we put on the floor,'” the Maryland-native remembered. “Stupidest, dumbest line in history.”

Luckily for Robert, he went on to become a major movie star, starring opposite Marlon Brando in The Godfather, netting him his first Oscar nomination.

When a photo of the two actors on set made the rounds online recently, fans wanted to know why a cue card was attached to Robert’s abdomen.

robert duvall

Turns out Marlon would read his lines during each scene and Robert, plus a slew of other co-stars, doubled as cue cards!

“In ‘The Godfather,’ in the wonderful scene with him and Pacino in the garden, [Brando] looked up and there was a big sign with all the lines way up in the air,” Robert recalled.

“I wondered why he did it. He said it was to keep him fresh,” Robert told HuffPost Live. “I think it’s part fresh and groping and searching, part laziness. But it worked for him.”