When it comes to Beatlemania, Ringo Starr just wants to let it be. “I’m happier where I am now,” the legendary drummer exclusively told Closer Weekly at the recent Facing Addiction with NCADD Gala 2018 at the Rainbow Room in New York City. “I mean, it was great [when we were] young guys hanging out, but [Paul McCartney and I] have our own careers now.” So don’t expect any more reunions between Ringo, 78, and Paul, 76, the only other surviving Beatle since John Lennon and George Harrison died.

“We did that,” said Ringo, who buried the hatchet with Paul long ago and has recorded with him a few times since. “In 1970, we split up as that band, and it doesn’t mean we didn’t love each other — it just meant we are on another path.” A long and winding one, no doubt.

The Beatles
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Since the band broke up, Ringo has since found himself recording new music with Paul. When he previously spoke to Closer last year, he couldn’t help but gush about Paul’s musical talents. “Paul’s the most melodic bass player in the world, and I love him,” he said. “We play the best we can and support each other.”

Ringo is also a big supporter of the Peace and Love movement. When he’s not jamming out with Paul, he tries to advocate for his fans to live a more peaceful lifestyle. “I think it is important with all the violence that there is peace and love! And maybe we can have more as the years go on,” he shared.

Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney
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For now, Ringo is just trying to live day by day and he does this by waking up with a positive attitude. “It would be nice to be 70 again,” he joked to Closer. “But you get up in the morning and you try to have the best day you can. And be in the best spirit that you can be!”

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