Who wouldn’t want to see Mark Wahlberg talk about his New Year’s resolutions… shirtless? Apparently his wife, Rhea Durham! When the 47-year-old Daddy’s Home actor took to Instagram to share a very informative video about his dreams this year, Rhea hilariously decided to call out her smokin’ husband for going shirtless on the gram.

“Alright 2018 is about to be over. We’re going into 2019,” Mark started off his well-thought-out speech before his wife interrupted him. “Hopefully you’ll find a shirt,” she said jokingly. So Mark instantly defended his decision to bare his chest on social media. “Thank you, baby. I’m on vacation here in Barbados,” he said. But Rhea just couldn’t let it go.

“What [are] the other excuses?” she joked. “What about the other times?” But unfortunately, Mark didn’t have a quick comeback for his cunning wife. He did, however, get to finish his New Year’s resolutions speech. “We’re gonna work harder. Whether it’s 4 a.m. or 4 p.m., we get up, we put in the work, and we’re gonna inspire to be better. We’re gonna get after it in 2019. God bless you and your family. We love you.” Mark captioned the funny video that he shared on New Year’s Eve, “Get after it in 2019 and put in the work. 💪#InspiredToBetter @rheawahlberg @byrheawahlberg.”

The last time that Mark went shirtless on Instagram was on Saturday, Dec. 8. He shared a video of a new fitness challenge that he promoted and told his fans, “You know my 47-day challenge has now turned into 135, but the end is near.”

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Mark then flexed his muscles on-camera before he decided to cover his abs. “Remember, inspire to be better,” he said towards the end. It seems that Rhea was right that her hubby loves to be seen without a shirt on, but what can we say? He looks great!