A restaurant located in Cheltenham, England is making headlines for a sign they posted outside their establishment directed at breastfeeding moms.

French chain Brasserie Blanc has received extremely positive feedback about the chalkboard, reading:

brasserie blanc

The photo was posted to parenting Facebook page, RefreshMe, and has since been shared nearly 8,000 times. General manager of the Cheltenham branch, Emma O’Connor, says she came up with the idea on a particularly hot day.

“[The sign] was literally from a mum that was tired. I made her a cup of tea and she looked like I’d given her a million pounds,” she tells UK newspaper, The Independent.

“I wish I’d done it ages ago, if I’d known it would make people feel more confident. Sometimes you just need to sit down with your baby.”

Emma shares the restaurant, owned by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc, has received “an unbelievable response. We’ve got emails from all over the place,” complimenting the idea. The sign, she adds, is not just for breastfeeding moms, but those bottle-feeding as well.

And while the 19 other Brasserie Blanc locations also have a “policy of being welcoming and accommodating” to new moms, Cheltenham is currently the only branch to offer a free cup of tea.