Legendary TV host Dick Cavett opens up in the new issue of Closer about his illustrious career and reveals he still has a lot more items on his bucket list.

Dick tells Closer he would consider doing another talk show in the future. “I’m sure I could be lured into doing another show. But it does wear you down. I told Jimmy Fallon, ‘Doing it five nights a week is really punishing. Look what it did to me — I used to be a tall redhead!’”

But he wouldn’t stop there. “I’d love to do another play,” Dick, who played the narrator in The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Broadway, confesses to Closer.

“There’s nothing better than that. And I’ve always wanted to do porno. I’ve never even been asked!” he jokes with the mag.

dick cavett

Dick chats with director Woody Allen on “The Dick Cavett” show in 1969

But for now, the 77-year-old is taking it one project at a time. He will host Dick Cavett’s Watergate, a PBS compilation of vintage interviews in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation.

“I never set out to do a lot of Watergate stuff — it just was what everybody was talking about,” Dick recalls of his acclaimed gig as a Nixon-era talk show host.

“I wanted to be in show business, but that’s all I knew. I thought maybe someday I’ll get to be a guest on a talk show, and I can go back to Nebraska happy and feel like I made it.”

For more on Dick Cavett, including his marriages, depression and more about Watergate, pick up the new issue of Closer, on stands now!