She may be one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, but even Reese Witherspoon had a tough time when she was starting out in the industry. The Big Little Lies star recently opened up about her earlier years in Hollywood and offered some wise advice on how to deal with being turned down.

“So many stories on Instagram focus on success, but sometimes it’s important to remember that rejection or failure can really be a great help in our lives,” the 43-year-old beauty wrote on social media on Tuesday, September 3, along with a photo that read “rejection is simply redirection.” Reese then recalled a time in the beginning of her career when auditioning for a role that she “wanted more than anything.”


“This was an incredible movie with a huge male movie star as the lead,” she explained. “I had 3 callbacks, then a screen test and one day my agent called and said, ‘You didn’t get the part, the lead actor liked working with he other actress more.'” The Legally Blonde star was absolutely devastated. “Oh boy, did I cry. Ugly tears. For 3 whole days,” she added. “But I recovered. And I got a different job.”

Although she was left heartbroken, Reese said she “learned so much from that experience” and about dealing with setbacks. “I’m not gonna lie, sometimes all the rejection would hurt my feelings, I would take it personally,” her post continued, noting that she was always “too short,” “too feisty,” “too energetic” or just “too something.” “I definitely cried in the shower a lot in my 20’s,” she confessed.

Jeff Bottari/AP/Shutterstock

The first few years of her career might have been rough, but Reese said that period of time taught her a valuable lessons. “What I didn’t know then was: rejection teaches you perseverance and how to get tough,” the Cruel Intentions actress explained. “And you also learn … not every path is right for you.”

“You are on a path that is made for YOU. Sometimes the universe is protecting you from a bad job or a toxic relationship,” she concluded. “So remember next time you fail at something or someone leaves you heartbroken…. let yourself be sad, grieve what didn’t happen for a minute but move ON. Better things are waiting for you.”

What an amazing bit of advice!